About Anderson Automotive Group

The Anderson Automotive Group is a family owned and operated business with over sixty years of history.  Our franchise car dealerships represent world class manufacturers in some of the best markets in the Southeast.  Founded in 1955, our roots run deep in our communities with leadership, involvement and philanthropy.  We take pride in operating at a high level.  Our focus stretches beyond the car industry.  We strive to be a progressive, world class retailer and service provider.

Company Profile
At a Glance
Established: 1955
Number of Dealerships: 8
Number of Brands: 4
Annual Vehicle Sales: 25,599
Number of Associates: 936
Cities & Brands
Asheville, NC: Toyota, Nissan, Subaru
Raleigh, NC: Toyota, Nissan, Kia
Sanford, NC: Toyota
Charleston, SC: Toyota

Promise, Values, The "Four Gears"
Our Promise
To create value, earn trust and provide a remarkable experience for our customers and associates

Our Values
Continuous Improvement
Respect for all people
Prepare to win
The Four Gears
 1. Be a leader 
  • Every associate is a leader
  • Set a good example with high standards
  • Take initiative and ownership
 2. Deliver the best experience every time
  • The experience goes far beyond a car or a repair
  • Every customer, every time, no exceptions 
  • Success is in the details   
 3. Master the basics
  • Amenities and perks don't matter much if you can't do the fundamentals 
  • It's not necessarily innovative but it is exceptional 
  • Measure and improve  
 4. Celebrate wins
  • Be positive
  • Have fun
  • Acknowledge success

Our History

Even though it has been over sixty years, the principles that made us successful decades ago still ring true. We take care of our people, and we take care of our customers. This allows us to build lasting relationships based on trust and respect. Click below to find out more about how it all began.

Associates & Careers
Anderson Automotive Group is focused on people. We believe in educating, empowering, and rewarding our associates. With multiple growth opportunities available in all areas of our business, we are looking for exceptional people to join our organization. Click below to find out more about what we have to offer.

Our Facilities
We build world-class facilities. Fred Anderson has commented that, "We're not building car dealerships, we're building class-A retail establishments. We try to create places where the most talented people want to come to work and where customers can come and feel special." 

Community Involvement
Anderson Automotive Group dealerships have supported our communities through involvement and charitable donations for over sixty years.  To find out more about some of the causes that we are passionate about, please click below.